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Yorkshire Rocks and Landscape: A Field Guide
edited by Colin Scrutton and John Powell

(First Edition 1994, Second Edition, 1996, Third Edition with minor corrections & updates: 2006, 224 pages)

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Yorkshire, famed for its scenic beauty and its rich industrial heritage, contains some of the most interesting geology and scenery in England , from the moors to the coast, including the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors national parks. The influence of the geology on the landscape and on the industrial development in the region is profound.  

This book is a stimulating field guide to twenty-one locations selected to give comprehensive coverage of the geology, minerals, rocks, fossils and landforms of the area. Excursions vary from easy half–day walks to longer outings. Some are in moorland areas such as the Craven Inliers and the Pennines; others cover the Dinosaur Coast, famous for its rugged beauty and natural history, and coalfields adjacent to the major cities.

An appreciation of the British landscape and its underlying geology is beocoming increasingly popular with walkers, naturalists and the general public, in addition to geologists who have alwasy appreciated the link. It is hoped that this Field Guide will encourage readers to get out and explore the Yorkshire countryside with even greater enthusiasm.

Aimed at both beginners and more experienced geologists, the book begins with an over-view of the geological history of the traditional (pre-1974) County of Yorkshire, and this followed by detailed descriptions and explanations of twenty-one suggested excursions, which aim to cover most parts of the county and much of its localities and features of geological and landscape interest - as detailed in the Contents List below. The book also includes detailed location maps, a full glossary of terms, and details of local museums.

The Society wishes to thank the following for their financial support towards printing this Third Edition: English Nature, especially Dr Jonathan Larwood, Dr C T Scrutton, the laet Dr J D Capewell, and M E Broad of Cleveland Meat Co. Ltd. It is hoped that Yorkshire Rocks and Landscape will be used and enjoyed by all those interested in the geology and natural heritage of this exciting and diverse region, especially the links between landscape and the underlying geology,

About the Authors:

The Field Guide, edited by Drs. Colin Scrutton and John Powell, has contributions from knowledgeable academics, professional geologists and dedicated amateurs, many of them members of the Yorkshire Geological Society. Together in this book they provide the most up-to-date and authoritative guide to the geology of Yorkshire and surrounding areas currently available.  



Geological History of Yorkshire: Colin Scrutton

Field Excursions : Lower Palaeozoic, Carboniferous and Quaternary

West and North Yorkshire

1. Lower Palaeozoic rocks of the Craven Inliers: Eric Johnson*
2. The Craven Fault Zone - Malham to Settle: David Mundy and Russell Arthurton*
3. Quaternary geology and geomorphology of the area around Kisdon, upper Swaledale: James Rose
4. The North Swaledale Mineral Belt around Gunnerside: Dick Ineson and Brian Young
5. The Carboniferous rocks around of upper Nidderdale: Albert Wilson
6. Dinantian and Namurian rocks of Bolton Abbey and Trollers Gill: W.John Varker
7. The Millstone Grit of Almscliff Cragg and Harlow Car, near Harrogate: Ian Chisholm

South Yorkshire

8. The Carboniferous (Namurian and Westphalian) of the Cliviger Valley, Todmorden: Paul Wignall and Paul Kabrna
9. The Upper Carboniferous of the Halifax area: Brian Turner
10. Middle and Upper Carboniferous rocks (Millstone Grit and Coal Measures) of the Sheffield region: Mike Romano and Martin Whyte

Field Excursions: Post-Carboniferous and Quaternary


11. The Jurassic, Tertiary and Quaternary around Great Ayton and Roseberry Topping, Cleveland Hills: John Senior and Jim Rose
12. The Quaternary features of Scugdale, northwest Cleveland Hills: Donald Frost*
13. The Permian and Carboniferous rocks of Knaresborough: Anthony Cooper*
14. The Permian rocks of south-central Yorkshire: Denys Smith
15. Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks of the Market Weighton area: Felix Whitam


16. The Lower Jurassic rocks between Staithes and Port Mulgrave: Colin Scrutton
17. Lower-Middle Jurassic sequences between Whitby and Saltwick: Martin Whyte and Mike Romano
18. Lower and Middle Jurassic rocks between Robin Hood's Bay and Hawsker Bottoms: John Senior
19. The Middle-Upper Jurassic sequence between Cayton Bay and Yons Nab: Martin Whyte and Mike Romano
20. Jurassic, Cretaceous and Quaternary rocks of Filey Bay and Speeton: John Neale and John Catt
21. The Chalk of Flamborough Head Richard: Myerscough

Geology in Yorkshire Museums: Paul Ensom

* Officers of the British Geological Survey who publish with the permission of the Director.

Buying Yorkshire Rocks and Landscape and Northumberland Rocks and Landscape:

The two YGS Field Guides cost 9.99 each (plus 3.35 a copy postage and packing unless collected by prior arrangement at a Yorkshire Geological Society meeting). Please send cheques payable to "Yorkshire Geological Society" to Dr Claire Foster, British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5GG.

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