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Brimham Rocks - a popular Millstone Grit (Carboniferous) outcrop
(Photo: Paul Kabrna)

The Society and the geology of Yorkshire and the North of England
Few regions of the world have contributed as much to the geological sciences as Northern England. Here the combination of classic geology and an active scientific community promotes vigorous geological enquiry and debate.
Foremost among the region's scientific societies is the Yorkshire Geological Society which, since 1837, has been, and continues to be, an internationally recognised scientific organisation with an interest in all aspects of geology, principally in Northern England and adjacent areas. Whilst its findings are mainly of national and interest, many have had major repercussions across the geological sciences.
Revised and simplified Membership Rules and Procedures, approved 6th December 2014 AGM:
Rule 3: Persons wishing to support the Objects of the Society may apply for membership in writing or electronically.  Applications shall be considered and approved by the Council or under delegated arrangements determined by the Council from time to time.  The election shall be null and void if the first annual subscription id not received within one month of notification of election.  Members elected after 1st October in any year choose, either to receive the Proceedings for the year of election and to pay their second subscription on 1st January of the next year, or not to receive the Proceedings for the year of election in which case their second subscription will become due on the 1st January of the year but one after their election.
Ruke 4. (a) There shall be the following categories of membership:
(i)  Ordinary members who shall be entitled to take full part in the life of the Society and to receive the Circulars and Proceedings of the Society and to use the library referred to in Rule 2 under such conditions as may from time to time be determined by agreement between the Society and the University of Leeds.
(ii) Student Members who shall be in receipt of full time education at an Institution recognised by the Society.  They shall automatically transfer to Ordinary Membership without further election on 1st January following three years of student membership or on 1st January following any extension of studentship for which they will have provided a supervisor's statement of such extension.  They shall enjoy the same privileges as Ordinary Members except that they shall pay a reduced subscription.
(iii)  Associate Members who shall enjoy the same privileges as Ordinary Members except that they shall not receive the Proceedings.
(iv) Honorary Members: Any person who has rendered signal service to the Society, or who is distinguished for the pursuit of the objects of the Society, may be elected an Honorary Member by a General Meeting of the Society on the recommendation of the Council.  Honorary members shall enjoy the same rights as an Ordinary Member for life, without payment of an annual subscription.
Rule 4 (b)
(i) The annual subscription,  which shall be payable in advance on 1st January in each year,  shall be as decided by the Council from time to time and confirmed by a General Meeting of the Society.
(ii)  Ordinary Members shall pay a reduced subscription from 1st January following their 65th birthday.
(iii)  Schools and similar institutions, as determined by Council from time to time, shall be deemed to be Ordinary members.
(iv) Institutions and individuals who make substantial contributions to the funds of the Society shall be accorded the status of Patrons.

Our members have a very great range of training, interests, expertise and age and come from the whole spectrum of society. Though the membership includes leading academic and professional earth scientists and institutions interested in our region, including many overseas members, we welcome and value equally everyone with an interest in our field, or who wish to learn about it, including active amateur geologists and mineralogists, teachers, students and anyone else who wants to find out more about the geological history and conservation of our region.  We regard our diversity and friendliness as our principal assets.  The members annually elect the Officers and Council which runs the Society between annual general meetings.
No qualifications are required for membership and there is no entry fee.
In addition to our meetings (see below) members enjoy the use of the Leeds University Library, where the Society's 175 year old library is housed, receive discount rates on publications (including those of other societies) and have the opportunity to contribute to specialist groups and fieldwork projects.  The Society also has close links with a number of local geological societies and groups across northern Engand, and regularly works with these in its programme of scientific and field meetings.
The Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society is a twice-yearly scientific journal which communicates the findings of a wide range of geological research of either general geological interest or (especially) relating to the North of England region. The Proceedings are distributed free to all but Associate members, and both Ordinary and studnet Members have free online access to the complete run of the Proceedings from 1839.  All members are also informed of the Society's programme and   business, the programmes of associated organisations, and more general geological news, through regular Circulars, and through the Society website at: http://www.yorksgeolsoc.org.uk/  The Society also publishes books and booklets on relevant topics from time to time.
We operate through a programme of meetings at venues across Northern England. These are attended by members and visitors alike and are used to disseminate the findings of recent research or to review important subjects of current interest.
In winter months our monthly meetings are held indoors and usually consist of lectures given by members or invited guest speakers. They cover a wide range of subjects from mineralogy or palaeontology to planetary geology. A varied summer field meeting programme ranges from excursions designed specifically for beginners to those demonstrating the latest scientific research in our area. .
Periodically we convene conferences on a topic of relevance to Northern England. This is often done in conjunction with one of a number of other societies with whom we work closely.
Categories of membership and annual subscription, due on the 1st January for 2016, are as follows:
ORDINARY........................................... 33.00
ORDINARY (over 65).............................23.00
STUDENT.............................................. 15.00
ASSOCIATE.........................................  13.00
To cover administrative expenses a surcharge of 2 is levied if renewals are wholly or partly in arrears after the end of February. (This surcharge does not, of course, apply to new members applying after that date)
Though payment by cheque or international bank transfer are possible, the preferred method of payment is Direct Debit, as this greatly simplifies administration and costs for the Society and is simpler for members as your subscription is automatically renewed unless you cancel this. The first subscription payment by new members is normally by cheque, but on admission to membership you will be sent the appropriate form in the hope that you will complete this for use in future years.
Gift Aid:
Providing you are a United Kingdom income tax payer it would help the Society if you would also sign a Gift Aid declaration. This enables the Society to recover the tax you have paid in earning the money you have used to pay membership subscriptions at no cost to yourself. (Indeed there can be a modest tax advantage to the member in some circumstances.)
How to join:
The Society's Membership Secretary is: Dr. W.J. VARKER, 15, Otley Old Road, Lawnswood, Leeds. LS16 6HB. Email: williamjohn.varker@sky.com
Click here to download an application form (in .pdf format)

Last revised 16th March 2016