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NEW! Call for presentations - Decarbonisation of the Northern Powerhouse, 2 November 2019

A full day Joint Meeting of the Yorkshire Geological Society and the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, contributing to the Geological Society of London Year of Carbon, 2019. The convenors are inviting talks of 15-20 minutes on the themes of energy storage, carbon sequestration, geothermal energy, hydrogen replacement of natural gas, bio-energy, and decarbonisation of transport and mineral production. Posters may also be considered. For further details see our Call for Presentations.

NEW! 2019 Applications for YGS Research Fund and Fearnsides Awards now OPEN

Our call for 2019 grants is now open. Please see our Awards & Grants webpage for further information and application forms.

President's Word

During the first few months of my presidency it has been a pleasure and a privilege, on behalf of the Society and its members, to present cheques to successful applicants for the Fearnsides Award and Research Fund. I shall be making further, similar presentations at our meeting scheduled for June 15th at BGS, Keyworth. We look forward to learning about the outcomes of their research at future themed indoor meetings and/or as papers submitted to the Proceedings.

The Society’s ability to make these financial awards is of course dependent upon donations or bequests from members or their families. The Research Fund for example is the outcome of a very generous, anonymous donation and since its launch in autumn 2018, Council has approved four awards to early career geologists and independent researchers in support of their projects.

Clearly, the number of awards that can be made depends upon finite resources and their efficient management. Being able to offer these awards inevitably brings the YGS to the attention of students, researchers and local societies and should attract membership to the Society. Boosting these finite resources would be beneficial to all and would give the Society greater flexibility in making awards in the future. I write in the hope that there might be current members who might consider contributing to the “pot”. Please feel free to have a word either in person, by telephone, letter or e-mail if you feel you might be willing to contribute; all conversations and any correspondence will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Like me, you may be enjoying watching the latest series of ITV’s “Victoria”. Just before the close of episode 2 there is a scene showing the Queen alone on a beach in what is clearly an inlet of a chalk coastline. It is of course supposed to be a beach close to Osborne House on the Isle of Wight but the glacial till and gravels capping the chalk cliffs indicate a more northerly location. In the same scene, fellow ‘chalkoholics’ will have recognised, in the background, the Ulceby Marl dipping towards the beach and reaching beach level at the mouth of a small cave. This feature, together with the film crew’s need for suitable access, identifies the location as Flamborough North Landing.

Finally, the coming months promise to be a period of enrichment as the opportunity arises to take part in the events comprising the “fieldwork season”. I hope to venture further west than normal this year, onto sub-Jurassic country, and have already booked my accommodation for the Horton/Ingleton weekend in early July. Before that I shall be with the Huddersfield Geology Group’s trip to Anglesey in May and as many of the exciting offerings in Yorkshire Geology Month that I can manage. I hope to meet up with many of you on one of the many organised outings.

Paul Hildreth, YGS President

NEW! Guide to the Geology of Bempton Cliffs created by YGS for RSPB

It is with great pleasure that we're able to inform you of the creation of a field guide by the YGS, on behalf of RSPB, the geology of Bempton Cliffs outlining the geological setting of the iconic chalk cliffs at RSPB Bempton Nature Reserve.

Hard copies of the flyer will be available in the Seabird Centre at RSPB Bempton Cliffs from Spring 2019.

Further details regarding RSPB Bempton Cliffs can be found on the RSPB website, including information on updated bird sightings throughout the year.

IMPORTANT: Please update your contact details

Thank you to all members you have already updated their contact details using the form included in our May Circular. Council respectfully requests those members who have not yet updated their details, including their email address, to complete and return by post the contact details form enclosed in our next Circular (619).

Alternatively you can download the form here (this downloads the form to your computer's default 'downloads' folder) and return by email to membership@yorksgeolsoc.org.uk.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and kindest regards, YGS Council.

NEW! Grants for early career scientists and researchers

Grants of up to £1000 are available, please see our Awards and Grants page for more details and information on how to apply.

NEW! Vacancy for Chief Editor,

Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society

Are you looking to broaden your knowledge, expertise and profile as the lead editor of a highly regarded geoscience journal? If so, the Yorkshire Geological Society (YGS) is offering an exciting opportunity to develop your skills and experience.

The Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society (PYGS) is a leading UK geoscience journal, published by the Geological Society of London (GSL) and included in the world-renowned Lyell Collection and GeoScienceWorld. Recent PYGS highlights include new research on the sedimentology and palaeoecology of brachiopod shell beds in Mississippian limestones of the Derbyshire carbonate platform, and a new record of ichthyosaur embryos preserved in utero in the Early Jurassic of Yorkshire. A thematic set of papers on the Chalk of the Northern UK Province will be published in the November 2018 issue.

We are seeking a Chief Editor to lead the development of the PYGS from 2019 onwards and oversee publication of new scientific content. You will lead a team of experienced Editors and work in partnership with the Geological Society Publishing House to publish the journal and broaden its reach and impact.

Interested? Please see the job description for more details and information on how to apply.

NEW! 19th International Conference on the Carboniferous & Permian

Cologne, Germany: 29th July - 2nd August 2019

Being organised by a YGS member, the 19th International Conference may be of interest to anyone interested in the geology of Yorkshire and Northern England, with both of these geological periods playing an important role in the geology of the region and the UK as a whole.

Visit the dedicated ICCP 2019 website for further details and updates, or email the organiser.

NEW! Postgraduate Diploma in "The Geology of Northern England"

This unique course uses the geological wealth of northern England to explore the main principles of geology and integrate regional knowledge into the interpretation of larger scale Earth processes and structures. Students also assess the region’s importance in the context of current controversies in the Earth sciences, from fracking to climate change, while reflecting upon northern England’s vital role in the history of geology. The Diploma goes on to examine human interactions with the region's rocks and landscapes, from the Palaeolithic to the present day, to complete a fascinating journey overall.

This two-year part-time programme at The University of York is run entirely online by distance learning, but also includes a residential week in York at the beginning of each of the two years, for field and class-based study.

Applications are currently being considered for the new intake in September 2018. For more details and to apply online, please visit the University of York's dedicated page, or email them.

Adam Sedgwick - Geologist and Dalesman now on sale!

The Yorkshire Geological Society is pleased to announce the publication of Adam Sedgwick - Geologist and Dalesman a biuography to Colin Speakman.

Published jointly by YGS and Gritstone Publishing Co-operative Ltd, the book tells the story of the upbringing, professional life and research of Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873), one of the great figures of Geology and of Victorian-era British Science. Colin Speakman, already well known for his writings and broadcasts on the Yorkshire Dales, carries the reader from Sedgwick’s humble beginnings in Dent to his academic position of Woodwardian Professor at the University of Cambridge. Because of the detailed research by the author the book will appeal not only to readers with an interest in the history of science but also to those who enjoy a fast-moving and diverse story of success, often against all the odds. Lovers of Yorkshire, and in particular the Dales, will find much to enjoy

Order your copy today through our dedicated sales page.

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The Society also operates a member’s email list to help keep members informed of Society news and changes to the events programme. The system is administered through the national Joint Academic Computer Network (JICSMAIL) on behalf of the Society, and allows both Council and registered members to communicate directly.

If you would like to receive news and updates directly via e-mail, please contact us and request to be added to our members e-mail forum.

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    Yorkshire Geological Society
    YORKSHIRE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY RESEARCH FUND Our 2019 call for applications to our Research Fund is now open! YGS is offering grants of up to £1000 to support activities such as geological fieldwork, geoconservation projects, sample preparation/analysis or preparing materials for publication. We are keen to encourage applications from researchers (either individuals or small teams) who are working independently of formal research funding or institutional support. For further details and application forms see the YGS website at: http://www.yorksgeol...rg.uk/awards.php
    Yorkshire Geological Society Awards and Grants - Yorkshire Geological Society
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    Yorkshire Geological Society
    DECARBONISATION OF THE NORTHERN POWERHOUSE SATURDAY 2ND NOVEMBER 2019, YORKSHIRE MUSEUM, YORK CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS A Joint Meeting of the Yorkshire Geological Society and the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, to discuss the scientific, economic and social challenges and potential solutions for decarbonisation, including the following themes: Energy Storage (including compressed air storage)
    Carbon sequestration
    Hydrogen replacement of natural gas
    Bio-energy and CCS
    Geothermal energy (including from flooded mine workings and sedimentary basins)
    Mineral production We are inviting short talks (15/20 mins) and posters on the above themes. For details see: http://www.yorksgeol...BLE/York2019.pdf
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    Yorkshire Geological Society
    Thanks to all members of Huddersfield Geology Group who made we welcome on their weekend field trip to Anglesey (11th-12th May). The weather was wonderful, the scenery stunning and the geology, at times, baffling! It made we aware of how much of my Metamorphic and Advanced Plutonic Petrology I have forgotten since graduating.
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    Yorkshire Geological Society
    YGS CIRCULAR 622 - YORKSHIRE GEOLOGY DAY and YORKSHIRE GEOLOGY MONTH See Yorkshire's geology and landscape in all its magnificence. To find out more about upcoming exhibitions, lectures and field trips in April and May, see our latest Circular: http://www.yorksgeol...irculars/622.pdf
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    Yorkshire Geological Society
    Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire. The slopes of the hill are formed by mudstones, sandstones and thin ironstones of the early Jurassic Lias Group, the hill is capped by sandstone of the mid- Jurassic Saltwick Formation . The photo was taken from the edge of the former Cliff Rigg roadstone quarry near Great Ayton, looking north eastwards. The quarry is excavated into the basaltic- andesite of the Cleveland Dyke, a vertical sheet-like igneous intrusion dating from the Paleogene period around 55 million years ago.
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    Yorkshire Geological Society
    In early 2018, members of the Stamford Geological Society, working in North Lincolnshire, made a significant discovery; part of the jaw of a large marine reptile. Subsequent visits to the site aided by the cooperation of the site owners and operators, led to more finds. They had uncovered part of the skeleton of a pliosaur from late Jurassic, Kimmeridge Clay. By careful handling and meticulous recording the group managed to extract the find and it was decided that, following professional restoration, it should be exhibited at the North Lincolnshire Museum in Scunthorpe. The video shows parts of the skeleton as displayed at the media launch of the "Scunthorpe Pliosaur Project" held at the museum on Tuesday 26th February and covered by BBC's Look North (although the provenance of their opening caption "Jurassic Carp" is a mystery to me!). The final slide shows the presentation of a cheque for £1000 which I was delighted to present on behalf of the YGS to project leader, Richard Forrest, and museum curator, Rose Nicholson, in support of this significant piece of research.
    In early 2018, members of the Stamford Geological Society, working in
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    Yorkshire Geological Society
    YORKSHIRE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY SORBY AND MOORE MEDALS 2018 Many congratulations to our medallists Professor Mark Bateman (Sorby Medal, for a distinguished contribution to geological knowledge in the north of England) and Peter Kennett (Moore Medal, for services to geology in the north of England), presented by YGS President Andy Howard at our AGM on 8 December 2018.
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