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Yorkshire Geological Society Awards & Grants

Grants Available From The Yorkshire Geological Society

The Society currently runs two funding schemes that support its objectives to promote, record and communicate the outcome of Earth Sciences research in the North of England.

Yorkshire Geological Society Research Fund

The YGS Research Fund provides grants to individuals or small groups to support research in the Earth Sciences with a preferred, but not exclusive, connection to the North of England - this may be by birth, education, affiliation to a research establishment or research on the geology and landscape of the region itself. The scope of eligible research is broad, and the Society anticipates making at least one award per year to applicants who are working independently of formal supervision and financial support, especially where this may facilitate publication.

Awards up to £1000 will normally be made on each occasion, though the Society may consider larger awards in cases of exceptional merit. Funding may be used to augment existing research but applications must demonstrate that the award is supporting a specific project or activity that is not otherwise funded by a grant from another source.

For a summary of the projects currently supported by the Research Fund, click here.

Applications for our 31st August 2019 deadline are now CLOSED. Details of our next round of grants calls will be published on this page in early 2020.

Yorkshire Geological Society Fearnsides Award

The YGS Fearnsides Award provides a grant of up to £500 to support research by early career Earth Scientists with a connection to the North of England. Awards are intended to support clearly specified research or activities that add value and impact to an undergraduate or postgraduate project, such as presenting research outcomes at a major conference or following up a newly identified research opportunity.

Awards are considered not only on the merit of the proposed activity but also on the potential benefits for the career development of the applicant. Please note that these awards are not intended to fund undergraduate dissertations in themselves, but may support research or communication opportunities emerging from such a dissertation after completion of a degree.

To view examples of previously successful applications, click here.

Our call for 2019 applications is now CLOSED. Details of our next round of grants calls will be published on this page in early 2020.

Please click on the links below for more information on eligibility and how to apply, and an application form.

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Medals and Distinctions

To encourage continued excellence in research and sharing of knowledge in the geosciences in the North of England, the Yorkshire Geological Society awards a number of medals and distinctions that acknowledge both outstanding scientific contributions and distinguished service to the Society.

Awards are usually presented at the Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Depending on the award, Council may consider nominations annually, biennially or on a more ad hoc basis. Further information on the frequency and timing, the nature of contributions recognised by each award and past recipients are given here. Notification that nominations are being received for a specific award will be communicated in our Circular, though Council is open to preliminary suggestions at any time. If you think that someone merits recognition as a potential recipient of one of the Society’s awards or distinctions, please contact our General Secretary in the first instance who will then raise the nomination at the next appropriate Council meeting of the Society.