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Publications By the Yorkshire Geological Society

The world renowned "Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society" are published twice per year, and contain original scientific papers across all aspects of geology and geoscience. Hard copy versions of the Proceedings are available free of charge to all Ordinary Members, and can also be accessed electronically via the Lyell Collection.

For details of how to activate your subscription and access the Proceedings through the Lyell Collection, please see our quick start guide. If you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to submit a paper for publication in the Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, please consult Information for Authors on the Geological Society of London website. This provides full guidance for authors, and links and tutorials on how to use the online submission procedure.

The Yorkshire Geological Society has also published two popular field guides, Yorkshire Rocks and Landscapes and the later Northumbrian Rocks and Landscapes. Both of these are guides are available for sale at many of the Societies events, or can be purchased by contacting the Society, who will be happy to help you.