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All YGS meetings have been POSTPONED until further notice.

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The Yorkshire Geological Society was the first geological society in the North of England, founded in 1837, and is a registered charity (Charity No. 220014). The objective of the society is to promote and record the results of research in geosciences in Yorkshire, which is achieved primarily through a mixture of public lectures and field meetings, and publication within the Society’s main publication “Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society”.

Our Officers and Council Members for 2020 are listed here. Past presidents of the Society are listed in our archives here.

Our general meetings and field trips are free to all members and we always welcome non-members to attend who may have an interest in the geology of the region or their local area. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re a non-member thinking about attending one of our meetings or field trips, either using the contact section of this website, or via our Facebook page, so that we can extend you our warmest welcome at the event you want to attend.

Yorkshire has a varied and complex geological setting with a vast array of dramatic scenery and history tied to its underlying geology. At the Yorkshire Geological Society we benefit from a similarly good mix of members from different geological backgrounds, ranging from beginners to professional geologists, all of whom enjoy the geology of Yorkshire and northern England for numerous different reasons - whether for the fossils it contains, the range of geological features on display, or simply the dramatic natural landscape that gives the region its distinctive character.

Yorkshire Geological Society

Get Involved With The YGS

If you would like to become involved with the Yorkshire Geological Society yourself, either as a Council member or Officer of the Society, please contact our General Secretary for further information. We're always delighted to hear from people who want to support the Yorkshire Geological Society in any way they can.

In recognition of works in the associated fields of geology and geosciences, the Yorkshire Geological Society offers a series of different medals and awards to further encourage the continued growth and dissemination of original ideas and research in the geological sciences. Awards are generally presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

A summary of criteria for the awards offered by the Yorkshire Geological Society and past recipients for each award can be found in the document below.

Society News

The latest Yorkshire Geological Society news from our Facebook page feed can be found in our news section.


To find out more information about upcoming Society meetings and events, please visit our Meetings & Field Trips page.